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Concord Church


For 184 years our historic Concord Church building has been a place  where generations of believers have shared the same vision “Loving God, loving people and living the Great Commission”. As we start our much waited restoration, we are excited about the opportunity to re-open our doors to thousands of people in our local community with the love of Christ. 

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This church building is a crossroad for those passing through in a city that is growing by leaps and bounds. Its prime location will continue to be an excellent place for community outreach. 

This summer we have finally started its restoration by replacing the roof and windows. Our next challenge is replacing doors, floors and 4 HVAC units. Windows, doors and floors are key to maintain the historic character of the building, required by the Historic Commission. 


We would like to invite you 
to partner with us. 

First, please pray for our plans, our community and our church family. 

Second, we would like you to consider making a donation for the restoration. Your family name or business name will be inscribed on a patio brick as a reminder of the seed you planted.

Giving levels:

Cost per Door $2,285.00
Cost per HVAC unit $5,000.00

Please go to our blog at: 
and click on: “Window Fundraiser Donation Page”. 
You can also learn about the history of our building on the blog. 

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Here is how:

  • Volunteer for the Mill Creek cleaning events

  • Plant a garden 

  • Contribute pictures to our history blog

  • Be a part of a community project

Join us and become a community partner:

We would love to 

hear from you!

We would love to hear from you!


View our websites:

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